Haystack 2022 resized

Haystack Chardonnay 2022

Clear and bright, straw with a hint of green. Oak and fruit are perfectly matched, each having its say without dominating; citrus peel and melon enriched by a subtle, savoury biscuit overlay. The limey acidity seamed through the fruit flavours gives food-friendly freshness and promises a few years’ ageing potential.

Elle Natural

We undergo a number of organic and Biodynamic practices on the farm. Aside from being the second wine farm in SA to be solar powered, we undertake some age old practices too, such as the planting of crops between vineyard rows (to prevent weeds and therefore reduce the need for spraying), the introduction of Egyptian geese  (to control snails), Barn and Eagle owls (to control rodents), of which all play their part in ensuring nature and the environment are preserved and protected for generations to come.