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Identity by Journey's End

The Identity series is focussed on the ethical and sustainable production of wines

The brand encapsulates the energy and creativity of Journeys End with highly descriptive ‘augmented reality’ labels which tell the story of Journeys End.

We follow sustainable farming practices encouraging and looking after wildlife such as spotted eagle owls (we have 2 pairs on the farm), geese (these eat the snails protecting our vines!), and blue cranes – South Africa’s national bird which inhabit the farm. Our healthy bee population spread across over 60 hives, not only deliver delicious honey but also help pollenate the flowers on our vines. Bees are symbolic of a clean and happy vineyard.

Then we have our Trebuchet – providing a great way to enjoy the weekend with a glass or 2 of Journeys End if you ever come and see us on the farm.
The range includes 3 white wines, 3 red wines and a rose.

For details on our full range select your chosen bottle below

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