Journeys End Destination Chardonnay 2019 Low Res

Destination Chardonnay 2019

The Destination is the pinnacle of white winemaking at Journey’s End and is only produced during exceptional vintages.

This wine is characterised by a sweeping spread of rich fruit and is given texture and resonance from generous oaking. An admirable harmony of flavours ranging from ripe peach and apricot to citrus peel and lemon preserve accompanied by toasted pine nuts and a long lasting creamy textured finish. The Destination’s long aging potential will reward patient cellaring for up to 10 years post bottling.

Where the Journey Ends

A truly remarkable feat from winemaker Mike Dawson. Loved by all, and feared by many. The Chardonnay is known as ‘The Destination’ because we hope that once opened, this wine will entice people from far and wide to finish their quest for the ultimate Chardonnay at Journey’s End. Our little appreciation to the great wines from Meursault and Sonoma, with a Journey’s End twist.