Gabb-Family-Vineyards-IMG_4323 Pinot Riot 2020

Pinot Riot Pinot Noir

Vibrant light red plummy colour. Fruit forward nose with lots of red fruits like red cherries, plums and some cola tonic tones in the background. Some subtle notes of earthy sweet spice from the oak also adds complexity to the nose. Medium bodied wine with red fruits following through on the palette. Surprising firm tannins with a slight sweeter finish.

Technical Notes

The grapes are hand-picked in early February with the ripeness of 23 to 24 Balling. Each bunch is pre-chilled before being destemmed and berry sorted. The berries are not crushed but are fermented whole. This allows for a gradual extraction of tannins and colour, which promotes finesse, balance, and longevity. The berries are fermented in open-top fermenters, which provide easy access for the winemaker to assess and manipulate the fermentation. During fermentation the tanks were only punched down twice per day to prevent over extraction of tannins. At 6 balling the tanks were pressed with a basket press and the wine finished fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation also took place in stainless steel tanks and then 10 % of the wine was aged in barrels for 5 months. Just before bottling the 2 components were blended and prepared for bottling.