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The House Martin Pinot Noir 2022

A purple tint on the rim with delicious flavours of ripe strawberry and rich red cherry. Produced in an early drinking style with a touch of wood and a soft smooth finish. Enjoy now with roast beef, guinea fowl, roast chicken, stews, lamb, pizza and pasta.

Technical Notes

With Pinot Noir is very important to preserve the quality and soundness of the fruit in the winery. Fruit is machine harvested at night and early mornings to maximize quality. After de-stemming berries are sorted before transferred to 5 ton stainless steel tanks. Grapes are ‘cold soaked’ for a few days and natural fermentation starts slowly, before introducing a yeast strain to take over and finish the fermentation process. This gives a hint of native yeast complexity, but a consistent full fermentation. After dryness is reach the wines is racked into older barrels to complete malolactic fermentation. Wine spends only 3 months in older barrels before rack back into stainless steel tanks for aging before bottling.